Viable Business Hub

Industrial companies in Västerbotten face a number of similar sustainability challenges. We will go much further if we can address the challenges and find concrete solutions together.

Viable Business Hub is an innovative and comprehensive collaborative initiative, where industrial companies from northern Sweden have come together to work together to increase sustainability. The broad attendance and a holistic perspective allow us to make a big difference. Here you can read more about our partners and the project Future Sustainable Industrial Environments,which is our supporting framework in the start-up phase.

We accelerate and facilitate projects and activities that will develop new concepts, methods, products, services and knowledge that contribute to increased sustainability and reduced climate impact. The initiative has four focus areas: Industry 4.0 (digitization and connectivity), The Energy System, Transport and Mobility and Social Sustainability.

Conversion on many levels

Industrial companies in the region want and need to change to a more sustainable future, and develop their way of working with everything from climate impact to social sustainability – from a holistic perspective. But it's not simple. The transition needs to take place on many levels, and it is not always known exactly how, or what efforts make the most difference. 

But together we can explore the area and find concrete, profitable solutions – and achieve more in collaboration than everyone can do on their own. For the benefit of the region, for our businesses, for all residents, and for the climate.

Content of the collaboration:
  • Joint development and innovation projects in cooperation between large industrial enterprises, SMEs, public actors and research
  • Learning: joint training, workshops and seminars
  • Communication activities and external monitoring

Viable Business Hub aims to help strengthen our companies' competitiveness, develop the ecosystem of actors for the smart sustainable city, and increase the region's attractiveness. The goal is to become a global example of how companies in collaboration can tackle complex issues and achieve concrete results.

Business-driven sustainability

We believe that companies are an important part of the transformation of society. It is when the work for sustainability is integrated with the core business, that the companies create change that gives a positive effect on both the company's profitability and its contribution to positive social development. By making better use of resources, streamlining processes and developing new technology, companies become a very important player in the larger system perspective. They can contribute with both flexibility and speed, while maintaining long-term focus and endurance.